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Over 50 years

Simple Rules. Infinite Depth.

Go is over 5,000 years old -- the oldest board game still played in its original form. It is considered to be the strategically richest turn-based perfect-information game in the world, which is why it attracts the attention of so many players.

The Oxford University Go Society is the home of go at Oxford University. We have been providing a place to play, learn, and meet other Go players since our founding in 1966. We convene weekly to play Go and host a number of special events throughout the year.

We are a low-commitment club. There is no need to show up each week or come to the entire meeting to be an active member. Pop in, play a game, chat with your friends, learn something new, and pop out as you please!

The Club hosted the first ever British Go Congress in Jesus College, Oxford, on 22nd-24th March 1968, when 57 players from all over Great Britain took part. Since then, and starting in 1983, the Club has hosted (or co-hosted) over 20 Go tournaments in Oxford.

Membership  is open to all members of Oxford University and we welcome occasional visitors of all strengths from elsewhere, particularly Oxford Brookes. All members of our Club automatically have full visitor rights at the Oxford City Go Club.

We welcome players of all strengths – from complete beginner to professional.

As well as providing boards and stones, for Club use, we have a small lending library.

Oxford University Go Society Meeting
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